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Case Game Max 980M

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GameMax 908M Case

The GameMax Abyss-TR Upgraded new edtion with an infinity mirror with Rainbow LED lighting(addressable) on the front and a tempered glass front panel and side panel. The most important adjustment feature is directly in the eye with an intelligent integrated infinity mirror at the front. This optical illusion is created by a glass front, consisting of an outer one-way mirror, which partially reflects light on its inner side and is partially transparent to the exterior and a fully reflecting mirror inside, placed parallel behind it.

The light emitted by an Addressable Rainbow LED strip arranged in the gap around the walls is thus reflected back and forth between the two mirrors, whereby, with each reflection, a part of the light penetrates visibly outwards and ultimately produces the visual effect. The principle corresponds to the mirrors in police interrogations frequently shown in crime series and films and AURA SYNC ready!

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