Intrusion Alarm SMART HOME SH-W5 PSTN + WIFI Support App Notification Away Arm Disarm Function


Intrusion Alarm SMART HOME SH-W5 PSTN + WIFI
Support A
  • WIFI and PSTN dual-network transmission.
  • Support 32 wireless zones and 2 wired zones.10 zone types are optional for the zones of 1st – 16th: Delay, Burglar, Perimeter, Fire, GasLeakage, Duress, Panic, Medical, Doorbell alarm and Suspend. The zones of 17th-32nd are Burglar type.
  • Support for 8 RFID tags , content of each tag can be edited .
  • Support 8 remote controllers. Home Arm and Away Arm can be set.
  • 8 groups of PSTN alarm phone numbers can be set ,it will automatically inform users of alarm by calling to these phone numbers which has been preset
  • Operated by IOS or Android phone of APP function
  • Zone name can be freely edited .
  • Report of AC /DC status and arm/disarm status.
  • Support to checkout all real-time status of host panel.
  • Support to intelligently pair with network shortly
  • The host panel can be controlled by more than 1 mobile phones at the same time, joining networking center and centralizing monitoring of over 1 host panel with app.
  • Firmware of host panel can be remotely updated by app
  • Multi-languages are optional.
  • Real-time monitoring of door/window’s open/close status ,alerted by Arming failure while door or window opens
  • With built-in siren,3 volume levels can be adjusted .support for wireless siren
  • Support remote operation by SMS for Arming, Disarming, Monitoring and Querying status etc.
  • Support monitoring at site
  • 2 Arming/Disarming timers can be set based on weekdays and weekends.
  • Built-in high capacity 1000mAh 3.7V lithium battery with 8 hours standby time at least
  • Support query 100 pieces of latest alarm records,
Notification Away Arm Disarm Function

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